Tony Dorsett, National Football League Hall Of Famer, Heismen Throphy winner, and NFL top five running backs of all time is still in awesome shape.

The Influencers branding and concept agency asked director/cinematographer Jeffrey T Brown to come up with a series that was both beautiful and artful.

A rouge detective seeks his revenge.

NEW BALANCE presents


Global athletic and lifestyle leader New Balance debuts their Excellent Makers

global campaign....

Webmasters, LLC of Livemore CA commisioned Filmirage and The Influencers to come up with and capture a viral video that captures who they are.

The Influencers were in the building during The Agenda Trade Show. Here is a brief look at the days events.

Trudy's Brides presents MORILEE by Madeline Gardner

Every last Tuesday of the month beauty company has an event promoting some of their brands and services. The last Tuesday of April was THE BLOW-OUT PARTY.

Beauty Company invited friends, family and customers to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

THE INFLUENCERS are Video Content + Branding + Massive Ideas. Though our work ranges from content production to strategic consulting, to new product development and beyond....


Featuring Alexander McQueen's Black Label Collection Puma.


Featuring Alexander McQueen's Black Label Collection Puma "Personal Style.

The name represents the rich cross section of the people, places, and ideas involved in this event. We wanted it to be simple, comprehensible, and to the point.

The Freshist is a lifestyle program featuring various establishments, brands & restaurants that only provide the "Freshist" ingredients and "Freshist" styles.

October 1st, 2014, Red Bull Music Academy produced the first annual Bay Area Culture Clash held at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.